What is Ransomware Virus -Cyber Security Issues-Solution!!!!

By | September 25, 2018

What is Ransomware Virus -Cyber Security Issues-Solution!!!!

What is Ransomware Virus -Cyber Security Issues-Solution!!!!: As we know that today’s in a social media a new type of computer virus is in a discussion. This is a biggest cyber attack in the world. And in social media several viral messages are present. With this, we are not afraid but take proper precautions and be alert. In this post, we are giving some important information regarding Ransomware Virus.


What is Ransomware Virus?

The Ransomware Virus is a malicious software [(Set of Programs) Trojan’s] that are designed to block the functionality of computer system or computer software. The person(Hackers) who sends this Ransomware Virus to victims computer and this Ransomware Virus blocks all the access to Victim’s computer and hackers want Ransom and block access to a computer until the ransom is not paid. After this, a file is available on a computer with a message “Please Read Me”. This file contains information about what happened with this computer and how ransom is sent to hackers.

What is Ransomware Virus -Cyber Security Issues-Solution!!!!

In this condition, ransom is taken in the form of Bitcoins or any other virtual currency available. The ransom is not given in fixed time hackers increase the amount of ransom after some time.


Which Countries Areas Affected By Ransomware Virus Attacks-

What is Ransomware Virus -Cyber Security Issues-Solution!!!!


About 150 countries in the world are affected by Ransomware Virus. Mostly Russia, England, Portugal, and Spain is highly affected. In England, this Ransomware Virus affects the health and business sectors mainly.


Effects Of Ransomware Virus On India-

In India about a hundred’s of computers are affected by this Ransomware Virus. Most cases are seen in Andhra Pradesh Police organization. In India mostly Window’s XP Operating System used computers are affected.


Some Notable Example’s –

  1. CryptoLocker
  2. Reveton
  3. CryptoLocker.F And TorrentLocker
  4. Fusob
  5. CryptoWall
  6. WannaCry
  7. Petya
  8. Bad Rabbit
  9. SamSam


How To Protect Your Computer By Ransomware Virus Attack-

There are some points are shown below to use as a precaution to avoid such type of attacks in computers which are as follow’s-

  1. Updated your Operating System versions(Use Latest).
  2. Don’t use Window’s XP Operating System.
  3. Do not use a pirated version of Operating System in computer and stops internet on them for a certain period.
  4. Do not open any unknown email or any links(Website).
  5. Use MAC and Apple products.
  6. In India not using ATM for cash withdrawal because ATM works on Window’s XP operating system.
  7. Do not download any software from the internet (unknown website).
  8. Make a backup of your important data that are available on a computer.


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