Miscellaneous Static GK – For Railways, SSC, Banks, PSC

By | May 24, 2018

Miscellaneous Static GK – For Railways, SSC, Banks, PSC: There is a collection of some important collection of questions that appear in an upcoming competitive examination. These are shown below:-


World Important Organization & Their Headquarters

Organization NameHeadquarters
General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade[GATT]Geneva[Switzerland]
World Trade Organization[WTO]Geneva
World Council Of Churches[WCC]Geneva
United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees[UNHCR]Geneva
United Nations Conference On Trade & Development[UNCTAD]Geneva
North Atlantic Treaty Organization[NATO]Brussels[Belgium]
European Atomic Energy Community[EURATOM]Brussels
International Police[INTERPOL]Lyon[France]
Organization For Economic Co-operation & Developement[OECD]Paris[France]
European Space Research Organization[ESRO]Paris
International Atomic Energy Agency[IAEA]Vienna[Austria]
United Nation Industrial Development Organization[UNIDO]Vienna
Organization Of The Petroleum Exporting Countries[OPEC]Vienna
World Wide Fund For Nature[WWF]Gland[Switzerland]
International Olympic Committe[IOC]Lausanne[Switzerland]
Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting[CHOGM]Stronsberg
Amnesty InternationalLondon[United Kingdom]
United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund[UNICEF]New-York[United States Of America]
Asian Development Bank[ADB]Manilla[Philippines]
Association Of South East Nation[ASEAN]Jakarta[Indonesia]
Organization Of African Unity[OAU]Adis-Ababa[Ethiopia]
South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation[SAARC]Kathmandu[Nepal]
Arab LeagueCairo[Egypt]
United Nation Environment Programme[UNEP]Nairobi[Kenya]


International Boundaries

Mcmohan LineIndia & China
Radcliffe LineIndia & Pakistan
Durand LinePakistan & Afghanistan
Hindenburg LineGermany & Poland
Maginot LineGermany & France
38th Parallel LineNorth Korea & South Korea
49th Parallel LineUSA & Canada
Mannerheim LineRussia & Finland


Map Lines

  1. Isohaline Line -An imaginary line drawn on the map to join places of the ocean having equal salinity.
  2. Isobars Line – The imaginary line is drawn on the map to join places of equal atmospheric pressure.
  3. Isobaths Line – Lines that join places of equal depths in the ocean.
  4. Isohypers or Contour Line – The line that joins the places of equal height on the map.
  5. Isohyetes Line – The imaginary line on the map which joins the places having the same places of rainfall.
  6. Isopleth Line – An imaginary line drawn on the map to join equal value of certain factor Viz. Isohyetes, Isotherm etc.
  7. Isohel Line – The imaginary on the map to join places having received an equal amount of sunlight.
  8. Isotherm Line – The imaginary line on a map to join an equal temperature zone.


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